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Questions to ask yourself for Class Act Lifestyle

We want life with great satisfaction and happiness all around us. Self-examining yourself can lead to all the answers that you need for personal development. Self-Reflection will help you live a life of purpose and significance.

Questions to ask ourselves when you are stuck with any hurdles or obstacles, is “How Can I?” Usually this will ignite the spirit and help you move towards next lead to answer the challenges.

Here’s the list of questions I ask myself to live a life of significance.

  1. What are the best experiences of my life so far and how can I use it to move ahead in life?

  2. What are future experiences I want to have in my life (it may be in terms of health, wealth, travel)?

  3. What are the contributions I want to make towards my family, country and world?

  4. How I want to be remembered when I am no more?

  5. What are the skills I want to acquire for the growth I am looking for in life in terms of career and other goals?

  6. Thinking of personal and professional accomplishments I am genuinely proud of, what sort of traits, strength and characteristics I exhibit during that time?

  7. If today supposed to be your last day what would you do in these 24 hrs? Would you live it, same as every-day or different? If so why?

  8. What am I really afraid of? My fears? How can I act on it to get rid of it?

  9. What are the habits you want yourself getting indulged in to have positive impact in your life?

  10. What are the best investments you made in your life (it may be in terms of time, money, knowledge, etc)?

Answering above questions and writing it down would help you get lot of satisfaction. It will give you the feeling on winner’s mentality with positive attitude reflecting in your walk and talk. These questions will not only help you move towards right directions but also will create a mental toughness to achieve all your targets.

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