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Best Mobile Apps to have on your phone for living a classactlifestyle.

Mobile apps are growing at rapid speed and it is changing the way we think, communicate, travel, enjoy, learn and implement. Apps help us to keep up with the news and grasp it at our convenient time. Its helps with quick decisions, or send something within few seconds at tip of our hands. Every Industries are redefining themselves to fit the need of customers, in order to generate optimum results. They are pushing the boundaries of what can be accomplished through software.

When it comes to best apps to have, you can establish a balance between information, travelling, investments, entertainment, finance and every development of current events. You are probably using most of these apps, which I am sharing, however managing these apps and its implementation is the key to make it worthwhile to increase productivity and live a life of class act. The list of apps, I recommend might be slightly different from the apps you have currently, based on the region and place you come from, so make sure you go with the topic of apps highlighted in bold and use an example in brackets for better visibility and reliability.

Enrich these mobile apps:

  1. Search app (Google/YouTube)

  2. Travel app (Uber/lyft/Airbnb/expedia)

  3. Budget app (Mint/every dollar)

  4. Smart money management app (Debitize/status)

  5. Social media app (Facebook/Instagram/twitter/LinkedIn)

  6. Messaging app (What’s app/FB messenger)

  7. Banking app (Bofa/Discover/Amex)

  8. Finance app (Yahoo finance/CNBC/Forbes)

  9. Investment app (robinhood/acorns/fidelity)

  10. Email app (Gmail/Outlook)

  11. Entertainment app (Netflix/Spotify/ESPN)

  12. Shopping Deals and discount app (amazon/eBay/wish/Groupon/Retailmenot)

  13. Money transfer app (Cash/Venmo)

  14. Navigation app (Waze/Google maps)

  15. Crucial Information app (Audible/Quora/TED)

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