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Pointers from Book: How to be your own Best Friend ~ Newman and Berkowitz.

This book allows to accept yourself and live more meaningful life. Here's few awesome pointers from the book.

1. We are accountable only to ourselves for what happens to us in our lives. We must realize that we have a choice: we are responsible for our own good time.

2. It is up to us to give ourselves recognition. If we wait for it to come from others, we feel resentful when it doesn’t and when it does, we may well reject it’s it is not what others say to us that counts. When we compliment ourselves, the glow stays with us.

3. Feeling good abt ourselves for many of us is hard to take. When we hate ourselves the morning after, we should ask where we get our biggest kick? From our activities the night before or from wallowing in self reproach the following day.

4. When u do something that makes u feel bad inside, ask urself whether that’s the way u want to feel. If not stop doing what makes u feel that way. Instead, do the things that make u feel good abt urself. Enjoy the experience of being in charge of urself.

5. Many people are under a kind of negative self hypnosis. They put label on themselves. They say I am terrible person, who always does awful things and can’t possibly do better. Instead of convincing ourselves beforehand that something we want to do is impossible l, we should spend the energies looking for ways to do it. Growth is doing things u never done before, sometimes things u once dint even dream u could.

6. If u treat an individual as he is , he will stay as he is. But if u treat him as if he were what he ought to be or could be, perhaps he will become that. We can all do much more than we think, but first we have to believe it. We should try some positive hypnosis for a change.

7. Being right is one of the most satisfying experiences in the world. Or in other words being wrong is one if the most unsettling experiences that can happen to anyone. It’s awful blow to the ego to feel u have made a mistake. That’s why people don’t want to change. It would mean admitting they were wrong.

8. What u achieve doesn’t take anything away from anyone else. Whatever u do the world will continue to go abt it business. There’s room for many marvelous people in the world and many achievements. When we really grasp this, we take pleasure in what others are able to do; we don’t feel diminished and we are able to do our own things without feeling anxious or guilty towards anyone.

9. Genuine growth means having the courage and confidence to try new things and in the process to let go of old ones. But u move on because it’s more interesting and exciting to take on new challenges; u may be scared, too, but u r also attracted. This doesn’t mean u have to despise the self u were. U let go of what u don’t need anymore because u r onto something better.

10. When people are in full possession of themselves, when they really know who they are and are who they are, that’s when they can really open themselves to others. When u stop trying to get from people what they can’t give u, u can begin to njoy what they can offer. People can share whole worlds with each other, but first they must have access to their own.

11. People often want to be perfect and become discouraged when they r not. Judging urself by superhuman standards is another way of mistreating urself and a good excuse for giving up. Don’t judge urself at all, accept urself and move on from there. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Every time u catch urself putting urself down, just stop and turn around and push urself up.

12. U must learn to talk to urself. That’s very imp. U need to explain things to reassure urself. U need to establish an ongoing dialogue. It can help u through all kinds of tough situations. Living out of your own true feelings does take work. If u r willing to invest the effort, the zest will come.

13. If we can learn to live and nurture ourselves, we will find our ourselves richer than we ever imagined. We will still be beset by real problems and suffer real defeats. There is no escaping the human condition l, which involves pain and difficulty and loss. But we can bring everything we have to bear in the challenges life presents and make the very most of what it offers us. If we liberate ourselves from our fantasies and learn where our real resources lie, a whole world is waiting to be explored.


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