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Pointers from Book: The Precious Present~ Spencer Johnson.

These book presents us the simplest form of message as a valuable gift for personal happiness and contentment. This beautiful tale demonstrates us the art of balancing the spiritual and material needs and entails us how this goal can be elusive as well as gloriously attainable.

Few pointers from the Book: Story unfolds between the old content man and boy, who through to his journey of growing old gets to know about The Precious Present.

  1. When you have The Precious Present, you are perfectly content to be where you are.

  2. The wealth of The Precious Present, comes only from itself.

  3. The Precious Present is not something that someone gives you. It is a gift that you give yourself.

  4. Through experience young boy realized that The Precious Present, was just that: The Present. Not the past, nor the future, but The Precious Present.

  5. It is wise for you to think about the past and learn from your past. But it is not wise for you to be in the past. For that is how you lose yourself.

  6. It is wise for you to think about the future and to prepare for your future. But it is not wise for you to be in the future. For that too, is how you lose yourself.

  7. Learning to be in the present is a process you have to do over and over again until it becomes part of you.

  8. When you see the present, accept the present and experience the present, you are well and happy.

  9. Your Past was the present. Your Future will be present. The present moment is the only reality that you will ever experience.

  10. As long as you continue to stay in the present, you are happy forever. Because forever is always the present.

  11. The present is simply who you are, just the way you are right now and it is precious.


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